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Whiplash Injuries are Serious

Almost 2 million Americans are involved in a whiplash injury each year. Most people think of someone involved in a car collision when they hear the term ‘whiplash’.

However, these injuries can occur from everyday activities. Falls, impacts to the head, and physical accidents which traumatize the neck are also common causes of neck/whiplash injury. Whiplash issues also occur from sports and activities like football, soccer, cheerleading, and lacrosse.

If you experience whiplash, it is important to take the injury seriously to avoid long-term consequences. Approaches and treatment that minimizes pain and promote recovery are imperative.

Aging is also associated with whiplash injury risk. A person with osteoarthritis and, reduced neck movement, is more prone to neck injury if an accident occurs. Falls among the elderly are especially significant with respect to whiplash disorders and the need for prompt evaluation and treatment.

If someone is involved in a car crash or suffers a traumatic impact, it is important to take even minor symptoms as warning signs. A headache or slight neck discomfort, stiffness or limited range of motion should not be ignored. Abnormal findings can be discovered by simple tests.

A doctor of chiropractic is trained to determine if a person has a whiplash associated disorder.

Physical examination may show spasm of muscles, decrease of normal neck ranges of motion, misalignment or improper motion of the spinal bones of the neck causing pinched nerves and irritated joints.

If examination shows that whiplash injury has occurred, a chiropractor can provide treatment. A common treatment method is manipulation, also known as a chiropractic spinal adjustment. It is a safe, gentle manual therapy for managing neck pain. A chiropractic approach is natural, drug-free, and non-surgical.

Anyone who has experienced whiplash should be quickly evaluated by a chiropractor. Waiting only increases the risk that they may develop chronic symptoms. It is important to take whiplash injury seriously and swiftly achieve neck pain relief.

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