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Pain Relief for Tight Muscles

Do you feel discomfort from persistently tight muscles in your lower back and/or neck and upper back? It is not normal for your muscles to always be tight.

As chiropractors, we’ve had many patients describe their neck, upper back or low back pain in terms of having constant tightness, tension, stiffness or spasm in their muscles.

When we overuse our muscles, they become sore and can spasm. The spasm could be mild or even severe. Usually, this type of muscle tightness eases over the course of several days as the body heals itself.

For others, their muscles are in some degree of tension and stiffness all the time. It may get worse, then lessen, but it never goes away. This is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be checked by your chiropractor.

If your muscles are tight, stiff or in spasm and are chronically causing pain, it is most likely due to a deeper spinal misalignment. This is the time for you to seek safe, gentle chiropractic care for muscle pain relief. A chiropractic adjustment will help release some of the muscle tightness and regular visits will help you become pain free.

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