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Headache Causes

Unfortunately, almost everyone has experienced a headache. There are many kinds of headaches: cluster, migraine, sinus, and stress/tension headaches. Most people will experience several headaches a year. The majority of headaches are not serious, but some people suffer headaches more frequently.

The main reason people experience headaches is because of poor posture. The upper spine nerves and joints become irritated from poor posture. Because so many people are working at desk jobs, being in a seated position for many hours, it's important that people are aware of their upper body posture.

Posture is also important when sleeping. Sleeping on your side and back is best for your posture and you should avoid sleeping on the stomach.

Dehydration can also cause various types of headaches. People need to be aware of their fluid intake and be consistent with their daily hydration.

Certain food are headache triggers, especially for those who experience migraine headaches. Foods such as wine, cheese, chocolate, and coffee can cause headaches in some people.

Chiropractic care can help people reduce or eliminate headache frequency and intensity. Chiropractic care is very safe, gentle, and natural, and drug-free care. If you are experiencing headaches, contact Campanella Chiropractic & Wellness to schedule a visit.

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