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Chiropractors Relieve Back Pain

Spine pain is an enormous problem in America. Back discomfort accounts for nearly one third of chronic pain. This contributes to long-term disability, opioid dependency, and costs, both financial and societal.

Your chiropractor is your primary spine care practitioner. Chiropractors are the leading healthcare specialists when it comes to relieving pain of the lower spine. They are professionals trained to diagnose and treat spine pain.

Most lower spine pain is due misalignment and abnormal movement of spinal vertebrae. Chiropractors have the necessary extensive training and skill to perform spinal manipulation. Becoming a chiropractor requires traditional undergraduate training plus five years of education at a college of chiropractic. Chiropractic students take courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, bio-mechanics, and diagnosis. Additionally, clinical courses in manipulation of the spine (also known as "spinal adjustments") and extremities, the use of physiological therapeutics such as electrical stimulation and cryotherapy and rehabilitative exercise are also taught.

If you are experiencing back pain, consider conservative treatment of lower spine pain by a chiropractor is very safe and drug-free. Also, you can eliminate the need for spine surgery.

Chiropractic care should be the first treatment for patients who want chronic lower back pain relief.

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