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Chiropractic Provides Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

With many people working from home during Covid, there are more complaints about neck and shoulder pain. While “there is no place like home” might be a wonderful sentiment, working from home can be a pain in the neck.

Why? Home workstations often are not ergonomically correct and don’t provide the proper posture necessary to avoid neck and shoulder pain. At the office or school, computers, desks, and chairs are set up to provide proper ergonomics for good posture.

While working from home, you may find yourself working at your coffee table, sitting on the floor, or slouched on the couch. Hours spent with poor posture can lead to neck and shoulder problems.

Also, at school or the office, built-in breaks such as lunchtime or coffee breaks are a welcome opportunity to get away from your desk and move around. Many who are working from home forget to get up and move around. They just keep working through their normal break times.

These are the people experiencing neck and shoulder pain. While working from home, they may have caused misalignment or improper movement of the spinal bones of the neck or upper back resulting in pain.

Chiropractic treatment, which is very safe, gentle, and effective, will provide relief of neck and shoulder pain. Are you experiencing neck and shoulder pain? Contact the doctors at Campanella Chiropractic & Wellness for an appointment. They will help to evaluate your ergonomic situation, make suggestions for improvement, and also teach specific exercises to help improve posture. You can schedule your appointment by calling (585) 889-3280.

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