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Chiropractic Care Allows Healing and Repair of Neck and Low Back Injuries

If we cut our skin, a scab forms a scar, and then our normal skin tissue gradually heals and returns. If we injure our neck or lower back a similar process of healing takes place.

A slight tearing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments is found in most neck and back injuries. These are called strains and sprains. Inflammation and swelling are our body’s reactions. A swollen area contains fluid. In this fluid are microscopic fibers. These microscopic fibers create a type of scar tissue within the tear of the muscle, tendon, and ligament to begin the repair process.

If there is excessive inflammatory fluid and if scar tissue presence is prolonged, this can be a problem. Profuse swelling and scarring of the soft tissues can lead to adhesions, tendinitis, and fasciitis. Post traumatic scar tissue is not as flexible nor as strong as normal muscle, tendon or ligament tissue and can lead to chronic pain, loss of range of motion and loss of function which can lead to an inability to perform your daily activities.

To prevent chronic scar tissue from developing, controlled motion of the injured area must be utilized. Chiropractic care is an excellent form of treatment to introduce and provide a variety of motion applications.

Doctors of chiropractic are skilled in caring for patients with neck and back soft tissue spinal injuries. Gentle, safe chiropractic manipulation for a strained and sprained area helps scar tissue to repair and return to normal soft tissue. Cold packs are often applied by chiropractors to areas to reduce inflammation.

The number of treatments a patient requires to attain healing of their neck and back spinal injury depends on severity and that patient's natural ability to heal.

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