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What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is very common, and most people experience it at some point in their life.

Not all back pain is the same. The type of pain felt depends on the cause but there are three main causes of back pain.

Discogenic Back Pain

Discogenic back pain is caused when the discs between the vertebrae are damages. These discs may tear, herniate, bulge, and even irritate nearby nerves. Discogenic pain is often associated with disc degeneration.

This type of pain occurs most often in middle-aged and elderly people. Discogenic back pain is associated with activities that increase pressure in the discs, such as sitting, bending forward, coughing and sneezing.

Joint-related Back Pain

Joint-related back pain happens when joints in the spine become restricted or degenerate.

Each vertebra in the spine has two sets of facet joints which provide support and mobility. Like all joints, these facet joints have cartilage that can become worn and thin, preventing normal motion. Bone spurs may grow to compensate for the lost cartilage. They can pinch nerves and cause back pain.

Muscle-related Back Pain

Muscle-related back pain occurs when discs and joints send signals to muscles to tighten to protect the weakened area. This type of pain is also referred to as myalgia pain.

Muscle strains happen as a result of not lifting properly, lifting heavy objects, sitting with poor posture, or even from repetitive motions like swinging a golf club.

All three of these causes of back pain are treatable. We work with our patients to deliver the proper treatments for their pain and work to prevent the pain for reoccurring in the future. Schedule an appointment with us at (585) 889-3280 to eliminate your back pain!

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