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What Do Chiropractors Do?

So, you’ve never been to a chiropractor and are wondering what a chiropractor does. Let us answer your questions.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural healing science, art, and philosophy primarily concerned with detecting and eliminating interference to your nervous system. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists who have expertise in caring for a variety of spine-related conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, extremities and, even headaches. Founded in 1895, it is the world’s largest drug-free healthcare system and the third largest primary healthcare system in the US behind medicine and dentistry.


One of the main differences between chiropractors and other healthcare providers is their ability to find and correct a condition called subluxation. Subluxation is a slight misalignment and restriction of the motion in the joint space that connects two spinal bones. This restriction can lead to muscle tension, nerve irritation and other symptoms, including pain. Left untreated, subluxation can result in the development of adhesions on the stuck joint space and even premature osteoarthritis.

What is an adjustment?

Chiropractors improve subluxated spinal bones by administering a specific force into the fixated spinal segments and joint spaces to free up the motion and improve alignment. The force is called an adjustment.

An adjustment can be administered by hand or by an instrument. The amount of pressure or force applied depends on the age and size of the patient as well as their overall general health.

For most people, a spinal adjustment is a comfortable, enjoyable experience. All adjustments are geared to each patient’s comfort level. Our doctors can also adjust extremities as well, such as your shoulder, hips, or ankle.

Chiropractic philosophy

The chiropractic philosophy is that preventative care and maintenance is part of a healthy lifestyle. Doctors educate their patients to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Chiropractors are more than just back adjustments. They offer advice on strengthening and stretching, improving your diet, ways to reduce stress and relieve migraine headaches.

Chiropractic care is much like exercise. You work out to get in shape, but you continue to work out to maintain your new, healthy shape. Routine chiropractic care improves the quality of your life and keeps your spine in shape. Contact us at (585) 889-3280 to keep your spine in shape.

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