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Some Causes of Back Pain

Back pain affects most people. Statistics show that 80% of people will have back related problems at least once in their life. So, you can’t avoid back pain entirely, but by knowing some factors that can contribute to back pain, you may be able to decrease your chances of back pain.


People who exercise regularly tend to have a lower risk of back pain. Swimming, bike riding, walking, and weight training are some activities that prevent back pain. Yoga and tai chi are exercises that focus on body balance, lengthening muscle, and core strength which helps to prevent back pain.


A healthy balanced diet of protein, carbs and fat, helps build both strong muscles and bones. A diet that is too high in calories and processed foods will lead to increased body weight and cause stress on the functions of body organs. Another important factor in diet it to make sure you are drinking enough water to keep the muscles and discs hydrated.


The kinds of activities you do in your professional life can influence your risk of back pain. Jobs that involve repetitive activities such as pushing, lifting, or pulling, like nurses, construction workers, and heavy equipment operators tend to twist and stress the spine. A job that requires long hours of standing or sitting, such as a hairdresser or software engineer, can also influence the back, especially if you’re in the wrong posture for long hours.


When people are stressed, muscles in the upper or lower back can tighten in response to that stressor. This is linked to back pain.


The risk of getting back pain increases as we age. This is because bone and muscles become weaker as we age due to degeneration of the joint and disc space causing increased pressure on the nervous system and inflammation.

Seeing a chiropractor can help alleviate your back pain. Plus, chiropractors are trained to help guide you in areas of nutrition and exercise that are right for YOU!

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