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Back Aches! What Causes Them and How to Treat Them

Your back carries your body around every day and is responsible for almost every move you make. Back aches, though more common in middle-aged people, can be seen in any age group.

Factors Affecting Back Pain

Poor Posture

Improper posture while sitting, standing, walking, and even sleeping can contribute to a back ache. Excessive standing, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, or driving for long periods of time every day can cause chronic back pain.


Sudden movement, lifting, or bending can strain muscles or ligaments leading to injury. Trauma due to a fall or an automobile accident can also cause injury to the back and result in a back ache.


Obese people are at a much greater risk of back and spinal pain. Their weight causes more pressure on the spine that results in conditions like osteoarthritis.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is one of the most common causes of sharp back pain in people over the age of 50. It occurs as a result of constriction of space surrounding the spinal cord.


Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of back pain in women. The weight gain of pregnancy increases pressure on the back resulting in back aches.

Ways to Decrease Your Back Pain


Sitting up straight and using a good back support in your chair will help reduce back pain.

Ice Packs

Ice packs can help relieve pain. Applied for up to 20 minutes in the affected area, ice packs can give you quick, but temporary, relief.


Resting is one of the best ways to ease back pain. Make sure you lie down in a comfortable position to rest.


Yoga is a safe and effective way to relive back pain.

Back pain should not be ignored. If it persists, consult your chiropractor. They can work with

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