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Your Low Back Pain is Not From Slipped Discs

Many people experiencing lower back pain think it’s from a slipped disc. Research has proven that those having low back pain, in reality, have spinal joint problems.

There are 24 spinal bones called vertebra which make up our spinal column. Between each vertebra there are joints which are called facet joints. Because of the everyday strain we put on our backs, the facet joints undergo a significant amount of stress. This stress accumulates and causes these joints to become misaligned and not move properly. The medical term for this is “joint dysfunction.” When this occurs, it creates the majority of the lower back pain people experience.

Let’s also clarify the term “slipped disc.” This is not a medical term because a disc does not slip out of place. A disc can herniate, degenerate, bulge or protrude, but not slip.

Most people suffering from low back pain due to joint dysfunction can be helped by doctors of chiropractic. If you suffer from low back pain, don’t reach for pills, give us a call at 585-889-3280 to set up an appointment.

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