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Text Neck - Yes, It's a Real Thing!

A recent study shows that 79% of the U.S. population have their cell phone with them all the time, with only two hours of their waking day without the cell phone in their hand. This can lead to a lot of looking down over the course of weeks, months, year, and ultimately a lifetime.

Ideally, your head (which weighs about the same as a bowling ball) should be back directly over the shoulders and upper back. This way your neck, shoulders and upper back can easily carry the weight of our head.

However, when your head is carried in a forward posture, such as when you’re looking down at your cell phone, it causes stress and strain to your upper back, shoulders, and neck. This stress and strain is called Text Neck.

Text Neck symptoms include upper back pain, tension across the shoulders, tension headaches, and even migraine headaches.

The best way to avoid Text Neck is to improve your body posture. Spend less time texting and looking down at your phone and take periodic breaks from using your handheld devices. Rest breaks that involve walking and standing are essential.

Hopefully, using this advice, you can avoid getting Text Neck symptoms.

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