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The Healthy Way to Wear a Backpack

School has started up and your children will be hauling all their books, school supplies and other items back and forth in a backpack. A healthy backpack strategy will help your child avoid health problems and avoid back pain and strain.

Pack it light

Make sure your child packs his or her backpack light. Backpacks should not weigh more than 10% of your child’s body weight. For example, if your child weighs 100 pounds, they should wear a backpack that is 10 pounds or less.

Always pack the heaviest items closest to your child’s back. Make sure the backpack is packed so materials don’t slide around in the pack.

Wear it right

Your child’s backpack should fit snugly on their back. They should wear the straps two inches below the shoulder blades to waist level. Also, your child should wear both shoulder straps, not just one, and wear the waist belt, if there is one.

If your child follows this simple backpack strategy, they can have good posture and avoid back, shoulder and neck aches.

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