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Pregnancy Care

Chiropractors offer a host of conservative treatment options for pregnant women during a time when their bodies are readapting to daily stressors. Because pregnant women are not advised to take traditional medications due to possible side effects on the baby, chiropractic is a wonderful alternative for pain management and other issues.


Pregnancy affects every woman's body differently and chiropractors are able to offer ergonomic advice, stretching, traditional adjustments, and other modalities to help women through this stressful time.


Another chiropractic treatment called Webster Breach Technique can be utilized for breach babies wherein chiropractors are able to successfully flip a breach baby without use of invasive, painful methods like inversion by simply making adjustments to a woman's pelvis and round ligament. By creating more room in the pelvis and uterus, the breach baby is able to flip on it's own to make labor and delivery much easier.


Pregnant women respond very well to both traditional and specialized techniques without side effects to the baby or mother.

chiropractic pregnancy care
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