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Pinched Nerve

Chiropractors often deal with patients presenting with pinched nerves and have a variety of treatments available to help.  Most often pinched nerves are the result of some degenerative process in the spine or affected joint causing impingement in that area due to a loss of joint space.


Chiropractors are able to use modalities such as; electric stimulation or cold laser therapy to help with inflammation in the joint as well as manipulation to the affected area to increase joint space, which ultimately relieves pressure on nerves.  Flexion-distraction is a commonly utilized treatment method for pinched nerves in the spine, as flexion increases disc spaces in the spine, relieves pressure on surrounding nerves, and stretches surrounding musculature to alleviate pain.  PIR stretching is another method commonly used by chiropractors in other areas of the body such as; the shoulder to relieve impingement, as this therapy also creates more room in the joint capsule and takes pressure off affected nerves.


There are many different treatment options available for patients suffering from nerve impingement, and the best way to diagnose and treat the problem is a consultation with your chiropractor to discuss your individual injury.

pinched nerve chiropractor
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