Two Misconceptions About Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is one of the most poorly understood forms of health care. Chiropractic care can provide many benefits for the body. Here are two misconceptions about chiropractic care. Once you go for Chiropractic Care, you’ll always have to go While regular visits to a chiropractor are great for keeping your back pain free and help you live a healthy life, it’s not true that once you’ve seen a chiropractor, you’ll have to go for the rest of your life. Most of our patients find that, as they continue to see our doctors, they do not need to be adjusted as often because their body is able to ‘hold’ its adjustment and function better overall. Chiropractors aren’t health care professionals Ch

What is the Sacroiliac Joint and is it Causing You Pain?

Many of our patients have experienced chronic pain on one side of their buttocks. Right or left side, it doesn’t matter. It usually is your sacroiliac joint causing the pain. And, yes, chiropractic care can relieve the pain! What is the Sacroiliac Joint? Let’s begin with some basic anatomy. You know the area of your body called the pelvis. Well, the pelvis is actually made up of three separate bones. The larger bones on each side are called the iliac bones. The central bone is called the sacrum. Where the iliac bones and the sacrum meet is called the sacroiliac joint. It is also known as the pelvic joint. These pelvic bones glide back and forth when you walk and they also glide slightly when

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