Ladies, Is Your Large Purse the Cause of Your Back Pain?

If you carry a large purse, you can get back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. The fact is, many women carry far too much in their purses these days – laptops, iPads, phones, wallets, makeup, books, water bottles, snacks, and the list goes on! This additional weight on your spine is hurting your back! Large purses are very much in fashion today but the truth is, the larger the bag, the heavier the load. The combination of the weight of the bag against your muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments, plus the compensating shift in your posture you make to carry this heavy load, can lead to lower back pain, poor posture, muscle spasms, sciatica, tendinitis of the elbow, shoulder pain, neck pain,

Cigarette Smoking Can Cause Chronic Back Pain

You’ve probably experienced back pain at some point in your life. Pretty much everyone has. If you smoke, did you know that smoking has something to do with your back pain? Smoking Hurts Your Back Smoking cigarettes has a direct effect on many aspects of your health. Back pain is just one of them. How does smoking affect your back pain? Cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals that affect your joints and cause pain. This causes chronic back pain. Pain that doesn’t go away with rest and some Tylenol. Drugs for Relief? Chronic back pain can cause you to take painkillers to control the pain. These prescription drugs have negative side effects such as the change of developing an addiction. Also,

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