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So Your Lower Back Hurts?

Lower back pain is one of the most common medical complaints with nearly 80% of people dealing with back pain at some point in their life. Why is lower back pain the most common form of back pain? Lack of movement and use is the number one cause of lower back pain. When you don’t use your muscles for a year, it causes muscle imbalances and uneven wear and tear on your body, especially on your spine. When many people’s typical day includes more sitting than moving, this is what leads to serious muscle imbalances. The best way to significantly improve your back pain is to regularly visit your chiropractor. Chiropractors not only relieve your immediate pain, but they help you design a plan to r

Exercises for a Healthy Back

You can stop back pain from happening by strengthening and stretching key muscles. Your abs are big supporters of your back and strengthening them helps strengthen your back. Here are some healthy exercises you can easily do that will help your back. Forearm Plank This exercise boosts core stability. Start facedown on the floor and lift into a plank position resting your forearms with your elbows directly below your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades down and back. As you inhale, tense your abs and glutes. Exhale as if you’re blowing out a candle. Hold the plank position for 20-30 seconds to start and, as you perform this exercise more, build to one minute. Cobra This exercise stretches

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