Be Better to Your Back

It’s easy to forget that how you stand, sit, and move impacts your back. Here are some tips to position yourself correctly performing these everyday actions. Sitting Down When you are sitting at your desk, make sure your feet touch the ground and your weight is evenly distributed between your hips. Sitting in one position for long periods of time increases the stress on your tissues. Get up and move around every 30 – 60 minutes. This movement will keep your muscles and tissues flexible. Standing When standing up, keep your posture in mind. Stand up straight and keep your shoulders down and back in a comfortable position. Carrying and Lifting If you need to carry things, try dividing them eve

Back Exercises to Improve Your Posture at Work

You're slouching right now, aren't you? Bad posture reduces your energy, cut off your circulation, and increase feelings of depression. Add all this to sitting for long periods of time and you've got a potential health risk on your hands. If you sit at a desk for your job, it can be difficult to avoid the dangers of sitting and slouching. However, we have some easy exercises you can use to improve your posture gradually. Keep your ears in line with your shoulders If you’re leaning too far forward or backward, your posture is off-kilter. Use this trick whenever you’re sitting at your desk. Practice shoulder and chest exercises Here are a couple exercises to try: Try doing a wall angel. This e

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