Why Get Adjustments?

If your back is sore, having a chiropractor perform a spinal manipulation can be the best treatment for your pain. This technique aims to reduce the soreness and nerve irritability and pain while increasing your range of motion and boosting the function of your spine and joints. What causes your back to need adjustments? There are several factors that can contribute to your back pain. They can include: A slip or fall that shifts your vertebra Poor posture which can cause your spine to be misaligned Degenerative discs Osteoporosis An unhealthy diet can cause back and joint inflammation Bear in mind that you will not be cured on your first visit to a chiropractor. But, having adjustments for y

Lower Back Pain From Sitting at Your Computer?

Do you spend hours sitting at your desk while on a computer? Even with an ergonomic chair, you probably still have lower back pain. Most lower back pain is the result of sitting in a poorly designed chair and slumping at your desk while on your computer. Newer standing computer desks can help reduce or eliminate this pain. When you stand upright, your pelvis and legs keep your spine in a strain-free, healthy ‘S’ shape. This position allows minimum pressure on your discs which keeps your lower back pain free. A chiropractor can adjust your spine to relieve your lower back pain. He will also suggest exercises you can do at your desk to keep your lower back healthy and pain free. If you spend h

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